Why You Should Hire a Plumber to Unclog Your Drains


A clogged drain is perhaps one of the most common household problems. Sometimes, average people can perform drain cleaning on their own. But when they don’t know the root cause, or the problem becomes too big, unclogging drains becomes too much to handle.

While some people consider plumbing services to be a bit costly, here are five reasons why these professional services are worth every dollar.


1. They Know the Problem

Most of us would simply assume what’s stuck under our drain. Without seeking professional help, we will try to solve it right away. But most of the time it doesn’t work, not because our methods are wrong, but because we can’t identify the real problem.

Plumbing services, on the other hand, have a variety of tools to determine the root cause of a clogged drain. Tools like the Endoscopic “snake” camera helps the plumber see what’s under the drain. This provides a safe and proper solution based on your budget.


2. They Know the Right Solution to the Problem

You might have come across DIY articles on drain cleaning. The most famous one is the use of hot water, along with baking soda, sometimes with vinegar, lemon, or any acids. It might solve the problem for a short while. But hot water is actually dangerous to PVC pipes installed in most houses.

Every plumber took years of training to provide safe solutions to common and complex problems plaguing your drainage. Aside from the skills, they are equipped with industry-advanced tools like:

  • Drum auger – able to go in bents and crannies to better clean the clog
  • Snake tools – different types of tools that are specifically used on each drainage and holes
  • Water jets – a tool that uses water pressure to get rid of stubborn clogs.


3. Prevents the Problem from Happening Again

Not only can a professional plumber eradicate the problem in the most efficient way, but they can also educate you on further keeping your drains clog-free. And that comes free on most services.

They could provide insights into the specific pipes used in your water lines. They can inform you how to best keep problems at bay by following and avoiding specific methods.

And lastly, a service done by a professional is problem-free. They detected the root cause of the clog and applied appropriate and safe methods to be used.

If you do your part in taking care of your water and sewer line, it will be free from clogs and leaks long after the service is done.


By taking the dirt into your own hands, you might do more harm than good. So, while most people shy away on availing a professional plumbing service, you are different. You are knowledgeable enough that when problems arise, you’ll give that local plumber a call.


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  2. True. There’s no denying that asking help from a professional like a real plumber would help us get rid of the problem easier.

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