Sewer Camera Inspection

Affordable Sewer Camera Inspection in Houston, TX

We can view the inside condition of your drain pipes by performing a camera inspection. This is normally performed on the main sewer drain line after every time it’s cleaned out by one of our plumbers, you can also have your secondary drain lines inspected such as bathroom drains, kitchen drains, laundry drains and storm drains.

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Why Get a Sewer Camera Inspection?

The reason you want a plumber to perform a sewer camera inspection is to view the inside condition of the pipes that are underground that are not visible, this technology allows us to show clients exactly what the problem is. If you have a broken drain line or if you have a main sewer line that has tree roots inside the pipe you will want to perform a sewer camera inspection so you can actually see the broken pipe or tree roots. We have a location device that will track exactly where the pipes are located underground so you know exactly where their repair needs to be done if you need to excavate to perform a drain line repair or replacement.


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