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Beacon Plumbing Houston Apartment Complex Maintenance

Beacon Plumbing in Houston is experienced in providing service and repair to large apartment complexes. Often, large sprawling communities are reliant on property maintenance employees, which means much needed repairs can be delayed for water shut off and unknown locations of cleanouts for drain cleaning.


Property managers and apartment complex personnel need a reliable and honest plumbing company to be able to respond quickly to make repairs, but also need fast access to the buildings and properties layout in the event of emergencies.


We can help! Beacon Plumbing offers specialized services and prices for property management companies and apartment complexes.


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Annual Low Cost membership Waives Service Fees, Subsidized Pricing Book, and Provides Property Maps

Through our special apartment complex maintenance program, all service fees are waived for plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, and emergencies. Whether it is during regular hours or after hours and on weekends, you will never pay a service charge when Beacon Plumbing arrives to perform your plumbing and drain services.


Beacon Plumbing also has special rates for our loyal members. When you call us for your water heaters, hydro jetting, preventative maintenance, water leaks and emergencies, not only will you receive an experienced master plumber, you will have a special discounted rate to help keep your property budget intact.


We also offer special subsidized pricing on all materials for your services, repairs, and installations. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our team specializes in large apartment maintenance and repairs.


The most important piece of knowledge any apartment complex managers and office staff can have at their fingertips is a property map. A property map will identify all building water shutoffs indicating which shutoffs control which buildings and units, as well as a map of all drain cleanouts. With this information, there is no need to wait for property maintenance personnel to make emergency repairs. Often, when a maintenance employee leaves a company or moves to a different complex, the knowledge of that complex is lost.


Beacon Plumbing offers an in-depth property map for all of our members. During our first preventive maintenance hydro jetting, we will fully map out all cleanouts. On our second visit, we map out main water shut offs and individual building shut offs so that anyone can stop emergency flooding. We provide all detailed maps to you, so you have it ready for fast action.


We want to help you to understand your property and system so there is never an issue, you will be able to handle emergencies without need to spend hours of wasted time looking for shut off systems or cleanouts, and can provide valuable help to your maintenance staff and plumbers in the event of an emergency, or for routine maintenance.


Dedicated Concierge Plumbers in Houston for your Apartment Maintenance, Service & Repair

With your membership, you also receive a direct line to Beacon Plumbing. When you call, no matter what time of day or night, you are connected directly with a specialists who will help you fast. Your Plumbing problem is our top priority.


Our team is experienced in all large commercial apartment complex service and repair. We are proud to support our local Houston community. During Hurricane Harvey, we closed our shop and sent our team for supplies. During the following months, we helped to remodel a local complex’s first floor units. Our team expertly remodeled all plumbing at a heavily discounted cost so our Houston neighbors could get back into their homes.


To learn more about our Beacon Plumbing apartment complex maintenance program, call us today!


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